A downloadable Eletopia for Windows


In Eletopia you will play as a manager!

Let those workers work hard and you’ll make Eletopia the tallest building in the world! 

Build Different Floors to improve worker's working environment!


Assign workers with different tasks so they can Start woking!


Use the limited Elevator Space to Move Characters between different floors!



Tip: Don't put a Herbivore Character too close with a Carnivore Character!

mr._weasel (1).png

On behalf of Eletopia Corp.

Thank you for playing our game!


And always remember!

Stay healthy at work!

This is a student project being developed as part of the Computational Media/Art: Games and Playable Media senior capstone course at University of California, Santa Cruz. Check out the UCSC Games Showcase June 11th to see us and our peer's awesome work! 



Mohan Jia / Zijing Guo / Shisong Liu / Jiani Yu / Freeman T /Holly Cheng / Kiara Yupangco/ Mai Trang Nguyen / Ethan Salzman

For more informations: Please go to https://www.eletopiagame.com/


EletopiaBuild1.0Win.zip 79 MB

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